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A truly international faculty with recognised experts, distinguished specialists, experienced practitioners and world-renowned speakers.

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Dr Andrea F. Palermo

Associate Professor in Implant Dentistry

Dr. Palermo is an Italian oral surgeon and implantologist. He studied at the University of Modena Dental School and received his Dentistry degree in 1996. He specialised in Dental Implants after graduation; from 1996 to 2002 Dr. Palermo attended several courses in Implant Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Facial Aesthetics and Periodontology in Italy and the USA. In 2004 – 2005, Dr. Palermo followed the New York University Masters programme in Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation and New York Master Course in Implantology and Periodontics. He has been a tutor of the New York University Programme in Italy since February 2006 and a tutor of the Masters Course in Implantology and Periodontics.

Dr. Palermo dedicates the majority of his time in continuing dental education and he lectures in Italy, Europe and worldwide. His training in augmentation procedures using the most advanced autogenous growth factors is unique amongst implantologists. Dr. Palermo is tireless in the pursuit of excellence in the speciality; through an open-minded attitude, he allows himself to constantly question whether new and innovative dental techniques can benefit his colleagues and provide the highest level of care to his patients.

College of medicine and dentistry

Adjunct Prof. Ezio Gheno MD, DDS, PhD Student

Associate Professor in Implant Dentistry

Ezio Gheno received his MD and DDS at the University of Pavia, and his Post Graduate degree in Implantology at the University of Modena. He served as a staff doctor in Maxillofacial Surgery Department at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan.

He is Adjunct Professor; University of Genova Di.S.C.Department of Surgical Sciences and Integrated Diagnostics.

He entered into an Agreement of Understanding and Collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Department of Surgery, Medical, Dental and Morphological Sciences with Transplantation interest, Oncology and Regenerative Medicine.

PhD student in Dentistry Universidade Federal Fluminense Brazil.

He is Associate Editor at International Journal of Growth Factors and Stem Cells in Dentistry, Wolters Kluwer.

Today Dr. Gheno maintains a private practice in Somma Lombardo and he is accredited by the Swiss Confederation and the Medical Council of Malta.

Ezio is a strong advocate for the importance of research and respect towards our patients. He involves his students in a strong study of academic literature supported by clinical cases and hands-on training.

His professional interests and expertise focus on oral and implant surgery and his current projects include the use of growth factors in implant management. He has also developed the block permeatation technique.

In addition, he serves as researcher for an international implant company, and he is a member of World Academy of Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Bone Surgery, and an active member of the Antech Academy of Non Transfusional Hemo-Components. He was recently honored for his contributions to the field of private teaching.

College of medicine and dentistry

Dr Alain Carré

Assistant Professor in Oral Implantology

Dr Carre is a Dental Surgeon graduated from the University of Paris V, and a winner of the National Academy of Dental Surgery. Alain has followed a Post Graduate programme in Periodontology and Implantology in the University New York (USA). He is also a Founding President of Implant Training Association/ Accredited Training CNFCO prosthetic and implant surgery.

Dr Carre is an inaugural member of the Academy of Osseointegration and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry; he is an international trainer in dental implantology, bone augmentation and sinus elevation and is involved both nationally and internationally in lecturing on dental implantology.

College of medicine and dentistry

Dr Mario Imburgia

Associate Professor in Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry

Mario Imburgia is an Italian dentist and a specialist in Periodotnics, Prosthodontics, Facial Aesthetics and Implant Dentistry. He has an extensive teaching profile and is a pioneer in digital dentistry. He has published works on the integration of advanced digital technology in the development of facial aesthetics.

Mario has over 10 years of specialist experience in the field of implant and his extensive expertise has been developed through research activity and patient treatment.

He is an author of the book: Using iPad To Improve Communications Between Clinicians And Patients During Implant-Prosthetic Treatment: A Clinical Study presented at the European Academy of Osseointegration.

Communication with the patient and within the team is a critical factor that can influence the treatment outcome, especially in complex multidisciplinary dental treatments. Effective communication regarding the intra-oral situation of the patient can provide greater patient acceptance and satisfaction and within the dental team, improve the final result and reduce the time needed to reach it. New technological devices offer visual and interactive applications used to improve patient and dental team communication. The obtained facial, dento-labial and dental aesthetic analysis of the patient that can be used in various clinical steps to improve the predictability of the aesthetic outcome, while reducing the number of clinical sessions usually required.

College of medicine and dentistry

Professor Peter Abrahams

Peter trained at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School after doing VSO teaching (Peace Corps) in the jungles of Borneo. He intended to become a surgeon but was side-tracked into clinical anatomy after writing “Clinical Anatomy of Practical Procedures” with Webb in 1973 which led to him being awarded a British Fulbright Scholarship to the University of Iowa (1975) in Anatomical Education.

He was Clinical Anatomist at UCL (London) and then held the same post at The University of Cambridge before becoming the Professor of Clinical Anatomy at the Kigezi International School of Medicine. He is a Fellow of Girton College Cambridge and does two days a week as an NHS family practitioner. Peter has always been involved with the developing world – having worked as an educational and anatomical consultant for WHO, Geneva, setting up a new school in Beersheba and has examined and lectured doctors and surgeons in Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, the USA and throughout Europe. Since 1993 he has been Professor at St. Georges University, Grenada where he is known for his dual passions of jungle bashing and lecturing on the history of art. He has published 18 new student text books on clinical anatomy and radiology in over 70 language editions as well as more than a dozen different CDROM and DVDs in similar fields.
In 1997 he was awarded the BMA electronic publishing first prize for his Interactive Skeleton CD-ROM. Also in 2005 with Craven and Lumley he won “The Richard Asher prize” from the Royal Society of Medicine, London for the best new undergraduate medical text book. His major contributions include the McMinn “Atlas of Human Anatomy” now in its 6th edition (BMJ 2008;337:a1247) and with Weir “Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy” in its 4th edition.
Peter is married to a fit, cycling academic GP with three grown-up married daughters and grandchildren increasing by the day! He can often be found either climbing volcanoes in the jungles of St. Vincent or diving in the deep blue waters of the Caribbean.

In 2006 The AACA recognized Peter Abrahams as an international clinical anatomist, teacher, author and family doctor, and awarded him as “Honored member status “in the AACA for his distinguished career, and enthusiasm for clinical anatomy as both clinician and anatomist, and particularly in recognition of his teaching of medical students the world over, and his prolific authorship of anatomical textbooks and electronic teaching resources in many languages”.

Thrilled to be nominated by students Peter won a (WATE) Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence after only a year on campus. (see also BMJ Careers 15 minutes with…) and more recently in 2008 won First prize at the BMA Book Awards in the Basic and Clinical Science section for the Mcminn 6th Ed of his “Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy + DVD “. In 2011 awarded the National Teaching Fellowship from the HEA – the highest teaching & educational award in UK universities.

College of medicine and dentistry

Asst. prof. Miodrag Šćepanović DDS, MSc, PhD

Asst. Prof. Miodrag Šćepanović DDS, MSc, PhD

In 2003, Miodrag finished his specialised studies in Prosthodontics. In 2006, he completed a Master’s degree followed by a PhD thesis in 2011. He is a certified user and instructor of Med 3D and Plan X systems for computer guided implantology. Miodrag is also an author and co-author of 46 scientific presentations, original articles and invited lectures.

He is currently a full time Assistant Professor on Clinic for Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Belgrade, and delivers advanced education to our students as an associate faculty.

His areas of interest include computerized dentistry, computer guided implantology, small diameter implants, and cosmetic dentistry. He is a Member of the Balkan Dental Society, European Society for Cosmetic Dentistry, and one of the founding member of the Serbian Academy for Computerized Dentistry.

College of medicine and dentistry

John Sweet PhD, SFSEDA, MSc, BDS, PGCED, PGA e-Learning, FHEA

Associate Professor, Dental Education

John qualified as a Dentist at Cardiff in 1972 and gained an MSc in London in 1979. He was registered as Specialist in Periodontics on the GDC Specialist register in 1999 and he completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Development from Glamorgan University (awarded in 1998). He held an Honorary Clinical Associate Professorship at Warwick University until June 2014. He served as an External Examiner at Manchester University and in UCLAN University.

He is particularly interested in promoting the professionalisation of teaching in higher education, establishing its academic credentials and furthering teaching professionals’ participation in scholarship and research. He was awarded SFSEDA Senior Fellowship of the Staff and Educational Development Association in 2010. He received FSEDA, the Fellowship award in 2003.

In recent, John has published four articles in the British Dental Journal in Education, a further refereed Journal article in education, a book chapter and presented at international and national conferences. An inter-professional collaborative study was also published in a Higher Education Academy monograph. He also organized a Second UK Chairside Teaching Conference in June 2011 and he is currently editing and co-authoring five further papers as a final report. He is particularly keen to collaborate in a learning and teaching environment that is changing and evolving and where he can engage and contribute to making a difference.

College of medicine and dentistry

Dr Nabeel Rashid BDS, MSc Endodontics, MClinDent Prosthodontics

Associate Clinician

Nabeel graduated from Manipal University, India in 2009 and completed his Master’s degree in Endodontics in 2015 from the University of Warwick.

He went on to complete his second Masters – MClinDent in Prosthodontics – from the University of Edinburgh in 2017.

His special interests are Endodontics and Prosthodontics.

College of medicine and dentistry

Dr Mohammad-Adel Moufti, DDS, PGD(OMFS), PhD, MFDS RCS(Ed)

Assistant Professor in Prosthodontics

Dr Moufti is an Assistant Professor in Prosthodontics in Sharjah University, UAE and a Visiting Senior Lecturer at the College of Medicine and Dentistry.

He obtained a PhD degree in the field of occlusion and TMD from Newcastle University in 2007; after which he was appointed as a Clinical Fellow in Restorative Dentistry at Newcastle, and lead of the undergraduate course on Crown and Bridge. In 2011 he received the ITI’s prestigious scholarship to undertake a yearlong clinical training in Implantology at Belgrade University. He then joined Manchester University for nearly 5 years, during which he supervised research projects of a large number of Masters students in the field of Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry. His research on occlusion, TMD and implant loading has been published in high calibre journals, and recognised by 4 prestigious international awards:

  • International Association for Dental Research, USA
  • International conference in orofacial pain, Australia
  • British Society for Restorative Dentistry, UK
  • Asian Professionals Award in the UK.

He is reviewer for a number of international journals including: J Oral Rehabilitation, J of Dentistry, J Orofacial Pain, and editor for the journal of Oral Health and Dental Management.

Adel is a keen lecturer on occlusion. He takes particular interest in simplifying the complexity of the subject, and in removing confusion out of occlusion.

College of medicine and dentistry

Samer N. H. Ibrahim

BDS, Grado de Odontologia, MClinDent

Clinical Lecturer at BPP University, Faculty of Dentistry, London, England.

Samer graduated from Misr International University (MIU), Cairo, Egypt in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree of Dental Science. In 2014, he graduated from Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) with a Grado de Odontologia degree together with being licensed to practice Dentistry in the Spanish Dental Union (COEM). In 2017, he obtained a master’s degree in Endodontology (MClinDent) from BPP University, London. Samer is currently pursuing his PhD in UEM, Madrid.

He gained his endodontic clinical experiences during his study and through private practice in Cairo and in Madrid. His special interests are in Endodontics and more specifically in Regenerative Endodontics. He is also highly interested in all research studies and contributions into evidence-based literature.

College of medicine and dentistry

Behzad Manzoor, BDS MFDS (RCPSG), MSc (Implant dentistry)

Visiting Assistant Professor

Behzad is a principal dentist and has particular interest in implant dentistry, digital smile design, TMJ and management of tooth wear.

He received Implant Dentistry training from Guy’s Hospital and completed his MSc with distinction. He also had a clinical research associate post at Guy’s Hospital in London in a project aiming to develop implant products. Behzad also has special interest in minimally invasive concepts with the emphasis on prevention and saving teeth.

During his leisure time He is a keen participator and the spectator of sports, particularly cricket. He likes spending time with family, enjoys travelling and has a keen interest in photography.

College of medicine and dentistry

Dr. Wyman Chan, BDS, PhD

Visiting Associate Professor in Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Wyman Chan, BDS, PhD is a dedicated clinical teeth whitening and research dentist practising in London.

Over 20 years he has worked with all major home and power whitening systems. His PhD in ‘Efficacy and Safety of Teeth-Whitening Processes’ led to seven UK and US patents.

Dr. Wyman Chan has discovered important phenomena in the texture of teeth and established protocols that have contributed to the improvement in safety and efficacy of tooth whitening processes. He has published important hypotheses in tooth whitening processes, which help evaluate the texture of the tooth enamel. Dr. Wyman Chan is well credited as the inventor of painless tooth whitening techniques and products.
He was appointed as a clinical associate teacher at Warwick Dentistry, University of Warwick from 2010-16. He peer reviews for the British Dental Journal and has contributed to a book: The Art of Treatment Planning: Dental and Medical Approaches to the Face and Smile (Quintessence Publishing, October 2010).
Dr. Wyman Chan’s expertise in the field of teeth whitening in London is unparalleled, having treated over 16,000 cases in his London Teeth Whitening Clinic and trained well over 10,000 dentists from all over the World.

Dr Wyman Chan has appeared on BBC’s The One Show, The Truth About Your Teeth, Fake Britain, Radio 5 Live and Sky Living

College of medicine and dentistry

Dr. Dr. PhD Christos Perisanidis

Visiting Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Dr. PhD Christos Perisanidis is Chairman and Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Athens, Greece. He is Scientific Director of the “International Master Program in Periodontology and Implantology” of the University Clinic of Dentistry of the Medical University of Vienna, Austria.

Professor Perisanidis leads several clinical and basic research studies and has authored several peer-reviewed articles, which have appeared in top journals. He has extensive experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. Professor Perisanidis is regularly invited at many international courses and conferences as a plenary lecturer, keynote speaker or chairman.

College of medicine and dentistry

Dr Jeetinder Tiwana

Visiting Assistant Professor in Endodontics

Jeetinder is the principal dentist at a busy practice in Coventry where he has practiced since graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2003.

He has a Postgraduate Diploma (with a Distinction) in Restorative Dental Practice which he undertook at the Eastman Dental Institute in London. He obtained his Masters in Clinical Dentistry in Endodontics from BPP university, and has been awarded a fellowship from the prestigious International Academy of Dental Facial Aesthetics based in New York.

Jeetinder was an Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow for Warwick Dentistry and currently lectures nationally to dentists and postgraduate dental students in endodontics, dental materials and digital technology.

In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, travelling and reading – and you may also find him working hard in the local gym from time to time.

College of medicine and dentistry

Visiting Associate Professor Justin Dinley


Justin was brought up in Poole and attended dental school at Bristol University where he qualified in 1999. Since then he has undertaken large amounts of CPD in restorative dentistry and endodontics. He has worked in the private practice since 2000 and has a practice limited to endodontics in Nottingham. He is an opinion leader for Scottlander and has lectured nationally and internationally.

He gained his restorative diploma in 2005, DipImpDent.RCS (eng) in 2010 and MSc in Endodontics in 2014. He has been teaching as senior lecturer and has been the hands on training for the BPP MClinDent programme in Endodontology since 2015. His MSc thesis was based on Bioceramic Obruration and his interests are in CT guided endodontics.

He is currently in the process of setting up a national observation scheme and is an examiner for FGDP, Royal College of Surgeons.

College of medicine and dentistry

Visiting Assistant Professor Quintus Van Tonder

Digital Dentistry

Dr Van Tonder qualified at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Province, South Africa in 2000 with a BChD degree. After completion of his studies, he worked for a year in a state clinic in the Mosselbay region in South Africa. During this time, he treated thousands of underprivileged patients in need of care. In 2001 he moved to the UK.
In 2011 he completed a diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry taking a keen interest in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. He loves technology and is constantly looking to implement the latest innovations in the practice that will benefit our customers. One of these is the CEREC System.

Since investing in the system, he has completed a tremendous amount of training and has built up a wealth of experience in working with this system to create beautiful smiles and restore patients’ dentition, not only functionally, but also aesthetically.

College of medicine and dentistry

Visiting Assistant Professor Patrik Zachrisson

Digital Dentistry

Mr Patrik Zachrisson is a partner of Wensleydale Dental Practice, a nine surgery practice with an in house Damas registered dental laboratory. He graduated as a Dental Surgeon from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden in 1996. He provides digital dentistry, focusing mainly on aesthetic treatments and preventive dentistry, with a particular interest in restorative dentistry, orthodontics, mplantology, digital and mentoring.

He provides treatments on the NHS and privately and holds both a PDS and GDS contract with the NHS (general and orthodontic contracts). Patrik is providing mentored treatment for the Implant MSc course via the Visiting Specialist Services. His practice, The Wensleydale Dental Practice, is one of a few accepted training centres for the University of Lancashire MSc course in Implantology.

Patrik has been a member of the Local Dental Committee for many years and is currently the acting Treasurer. He has been accredited as a Platinum Provider for Invisalign Orthodontics. Patrik has earned fellowship status in The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (FICOI). He is a Key Opinion Leader with CEREC by Dentsply Sirona, a leader in Digital Dental Technologies and Planmeca.

Patrik is a founding partner and course director for Digital Dental Academy, teaching and mentoring fellow dentists advanced techniques in Restorative Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Smile design, 3D printing & Orthodontics in Digital Dentistry. He is an international speaker on Implants, Orthodontics and Digital Dentistry.

He is Vice President of the International Digital Dental Academy and is on the orthodontic and laboratory committees.

College of medicine and dentistry

Visiting Assistant Professor Chris Lefkaditis

Digital Dentistry

Chris qualified as a dental scientist in 1989. He later studied dentistry and qualified as a GDP in 1995 from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He worked as an associate for 3 years for an NHS anaesthetic dental centre in Norwich Centre and then decided to setup his own referral practice in 1998.

In 2003 he commenced a year course in Occlusion and TMJ Disorders as the need for prosthetically driven surgery became apparent.

He is the principal of HELLESDON DENTAL CARE, a practice undertaking all types of dental procedures under sedation and anaesthesia, including prosthodontics (crown and bridgework, removable prostheses), and minor oral surgery.

His special interests include Dental Implantology and Rehabilitative Dentistry, with a great interest in cosmetic dentistry and his practice operates as a referral centre for Norfolk and Suffolk since 1998.

He is one of the three founding members and a course director for the Digital Dental Academy and regularly provides courses with the academy to share his knowledge and experience with the aim to inspire colleagues to adopt modern technologies with sound working protocols.

Chris was one of the pioneers of Digital Dentistry in the UK, having mastered the CEREC CADCAM system and chairside ceramics since CEREC 3D entered the UK market in 2004. Chris is widely respected as a dental materials Master, with an unparalleled knowledge in CAD CAM materials and the treatment with these materials in practice.

The combination of his knowledge of CAD/CAM dentistry and implantology has also enabled Chris to be at the forefront of guided implant surgery having used several generations of computer aided design software since 2005.

Chris is a respected lecturer and approved mentor by ITI and ADI as well as sedation registered mentor with SAAD and part of the Digital Faculty at The Ciy of London Dental School.

He is Vice President of the International Digital Dental Academy.

College of medicine and dentistry

Visiting Associate Professor Igor Ristic

Prosthodontics and Digital Dentistry

Graduated in Serbia in 1996, Dr Ristic searched the new frontiers emerging trends in
aesthetic dentistry and implantology. In 1999, he finished specialization in dental
prosthodontics with special accent on all-ceramic adhesive restorations.

In 2001 in Belgrade, Serbia, founded Centre for Dental Esthetic and Implantology (CDEI), private dental clinic with a team of people, passionate about transforming smiles and changing patients quality of life.

Dr Ristic loves teaching globally treatment planning and indirect restorative clinical procedures through lectures, hands-on trainings and workshops with focus on minimal restorative indirect procedures, implantology and digital dentistry workflows. In this activities Dr Ristic and CDEI cooperate intensively with leading global dental companies.

During his carrier was awarded with a Fellowship from the ‘International Academy of Dental
Facial Aesthetics’ in New York, an recognition shared by worlds eminent dental
professionals, founded Serbian Society for Esthetic Dentistry and hosted table clinic on American Academy of Restorative Dentistry meeting in 2019. From 2018 invited guest lecturer on postgraduate module in esthetic and implant dentistry on BPP university, London.

Dr Ristic is a board member and chairman for education of European Society for Esthetic Dentistry (ESCD)

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