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A. Professor Mario Imburgia

Associate Professor in Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry

Mario Imburgia is an Italian dentist and a specialist in Periodotnics, Prosthodontics, Facial Aesthetics and Implant Dentistry. He has an extensive teaching profile and is a pioneer in digital dentistry. He has published works on the integration of advanced digital technology in the development of facial aesthetics.

Mario has over 10 years of specialist experience in the field of implant and his extensive expertise has been developed through research activity and patient treatment.

He is an author of the book: Using iPad To Improve Communications Between Clinicians And Patients During Implant-Prosthetic Treatment: A Clinical Study presented at the European Academy of Osseointegration.

Communication with the patient and within the team is a critical factor that can influence the treatment outcome, especially in complex multidisciplinary dental treatments. Effective communication regarding the intra-oral situation of the patient can provide greater patient acceptance and satisfaction and within the dental team, improve the final result and reduce the time needed to reach it. New technological devices offer visual and interactive applications used to improve patient and dental team communication. The obtained facial, dento-labial and dental aesthetic analysis of the patient that can be used in various clinical steps to improve the predictability of the aesthetic outcome, while reducing the number of clinical sessions usually required.