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A. Professor Wyman Chan

Visiting Associate Professor in Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Wyman Chan, BDS, PhD is a dedicated clinical teeth whitening and research dentist practising in London.

Over 20 years he has worked with all major home and power whitening systems. His PhD in ‘Efficacy and Safety of Teeth-Whitening Processes’ led to seven UK and US patents.

Dr. Wyman Chan has discovered important phenomena in the texture of teeth and established protocols that have contributed to the improvement in safety and efficacy of tooth whitening processes. He has published important hypotheses in tooth whitening processes, which help evaluate the texture of the tooth enamel. Dr. Wyman Chan is well credited as the inventor of painless tooth whitening techniques and products.
He was appointed as a clinical associate teacher at Warwick Dentistry, University of Warwick from 2010-16. He peer reviews for the British Dental Journal and has contributed to a book: The Art of Treatment Planning: Dental and Medical Approaches to the Face and Smile (Quintessence Publishing, October 2010).
Dr. Wyman Chan’s expertise in the field of teeth whitening in London is unparalleled, having treated over 16,000 cases in his London Teeth Whitening Clinic and trained well over 10,000 dentists from all over the World.

Dr Wyman Chan has appeared on BBC’s The One Show, The Truth About Your Teeth, Fake Britain, Radio 5 Live and Sky Living.