PhD & Professional Doctorate

PhD & Professional Doctorate

A PhD involves original research that should make a significant contribution to the knowledge of a specific subject. Your research will enable you to become an expert in your chosen topic. This requires a significant time commitment, and is usually a three year full time programme. We can offer flexible and part-time options staged over longer periods.

You will develop your project with help from an academic supervisor or team of supervisors. This could be theoretical or involve working with an industrial partner to develop new products. It will depend on your subject and research interests.

To complete the PhD you will produce a substantial piece of work in the form of a supervised thesis. It should show evidence of originality and be suitable for publication.

Professional Doctorate

This new programme in collaboration with Ulster University recognises the demanding nature of clinicians and delivers high levels of training coupled with academic study in the dental specialities.

The programme recognises that as a clinician, you may wish to engage in high level research without necessarily the aim to pursue an academic career.

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We deliver education that is innovative and focused on clinical outcomes. We train the professionals of tomorrow, allowing those with ambition to develop their career.

Research Profile

With international research supervisors, from diverse backgrounds, and research interests, we are able to provide a wider range of research topics for you to choose from.

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We provide a wide range of services and operate as a centre of referral for the local dental community and for patients who need specialist treatment in central Birmingham.

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