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Preparation for GDC Registration Courses
Preparation for GDC Registration Courses
Preparation for GDC Registration Courses

Dentistry remains one of the most popular fields in the UK and is growing in popularity, as practitioners enjoy social status and high remuneration. Number of overseas trained dentists attempting to register in the UK is growing and despite the severe shortage of dentists, especially in the NHS, increasing evidence demonstrates the difficulties candidates encounter in completing the licence examinations.

We have created a portfolio of programmes to help the overseas dentists in their journey in the UK and this is by:

  1. Providing alternative opportunities to the dentists attempting to complete the ORE and LDS examination. This is by training them on how to register as dental therapists or dental hygienists, which enables them to work and practice within the relevant scope.
  2. Offering a training programme on the ORE and LDS knowledge and skills; this is a six months intensive Professional Diploma Programme, which aims to enhance the candidate success rate. This programme also aims to support the candidates to register as dental therapists or a dental hygienist whilst training for the ORE and LDS.
  3. Offering a taught MSc level programme on Advanced General Dental Practice (one-year full time programme). This programme not only delivers the knowledge and skills required for the ORE and LDS examinations, but also graduates the students with a Level 7 University degree at Master’s level. The students are also mentored to gain registration as Dental Therapists or Hygienist to practice within the scope of a DT/DH whilst training for ORE or LDS examination. Upon completion of the MSc programme, international students are able to extend their stay in the UK on a two-year work visa – For more information click here.

Preparing for Dental Therapy Registration

Training on how to register as dental therapists or dental hygienists

Professional Diploma in ORE & LDS Skills

Intensive training on the ORE and LDS knowledge and skills

MSc in Advanced General Dental Practice

This course fosters intellectual and clinical development of dentists


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